Freelance Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraman, Editor
Narative Film, Corporate, Sports, Branded content, Events, Documentary, Live filming & Music Video
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(note: some projects are kept private for client confidentiality. Private links can be provided for viewing)
Short Film: DOP, Editor
Music Video Excerpts: DOP
Branded Content/Advert: DOP, Editor
Short Film: DOP
Documentary: DOP, Editor
Event Filming: DOP, Editor
Corporate Video - Interviews DOP
Music Video: DOP
Branded Content: DOP, Editor, Producer

Some companies I have filmed for...



Jed - Freelance DOP, Camera Operator, Editor - Based in South West London/Surrey

I am 28 years old and have been working professionally in the industry since 2012, though I started creating videos much earlier. I started off filming promotional videos and events whilst at college and university, after graduating I proceeded to do it full time and continue to strive to reach higher levels.

I have a wide range of work with different styles to suit the client it was made for. My work varies from Corporate Video, Talking Heads, Event Highlights, Documentary, Branded Content(product filming), Music Video and Film.

I have done work all over England as well as abroad. Travelling for work is no problem, I have my own vehicle and hold a European(Spanish) Passport.

I take pride in my work and always strive for professional results and try to insert some of my artistic flair when possible by incorporating camera movement, slow motion and a fast paced editing style that's appropriate for the video in question.


University for the Creative Arts - BA Hons Film Production

Skilled Cameras:

RED DSMC1 and 2 (Raven, Dragon etc..)

Canon C300/C100

Sony FS7/FS5

Arri Alexa Classic

Canon XF305

Blackmagic Cameras

Sony, Panasonic and Canon Mirrorless/DSLR















I am equipped with my own professional shooting kit including camera, lights and sound.

Sony PMW FS7

RED Scarlet Dragon (5K REDCODE RAW 50P)

Sony FS7 (4K 60p, HD 180p)

Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K (4K RAW 60p)

Zeiss Contax lenses - Sigma Art - Canon L

Lilliput Q5 5 inch Monitor

Aputure Amaran H528C LED Panels (CRI 95+)

Fresnel Lights

Sennheiser Radio Mic + Rodelink

Rode NTG -1 Shotgun Mic

Boom Buddy Microphone holder, boom pole & stand

Sachtler ACE L Tripod

Konova K5 80cm Slider

Feiyu Tech AK4500 Gimbal

and more...

Additional equipment available through rentals.

Post Production

Apple Macbook Pro 

Adobe Premiere Pro(Skilled)

Final Cut Pro X(Skilled)



After Effects

Film Convert

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