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Freelance Director of Photography, Lighting Cameraman, Editor
Narrative Film, Documentary, Advertising, Corporate, Sports, Branded content, Events

Narrative Cinematography Showreel



Eduardo 'Jed' Camara is a passionate, story driven cinematographer working in narrative film, documentaries, advertising, corporate video and events. He is also the co-founder of London based creative production company Click-it Studios.

At the age of 30, he has been working in the industry for almost 10 years and has worked on a wide variety of projects for brands and companies such as Lamborghini, FIFA TV and Samaritans.

Narrative film and documentary has been his passion for a long time, he studied Film Production at the University for the Creative Arts (Farnham Film School) where he developed a love for cinematography and storytelling.

He is inspired by cinematographers like Rina Yang, Christopher Doyle, Bradford Young and Roger Deakins. He believes versatility and being able to adapt to a directors vision is key, and that the story and the tone of the film should always dictate the lighting and camera work for a scene. He regularly works with vintage lenses and pro-mist filters due to the added character they give to a shot and using lighting to create an enhanced natural and realistic feel.

He is also an experienced and skilled video editor and has worked on a wide variety of projects, often editing projects that he also shoots, which can give films a much more focused, consistent style and feel throughout. He edits primarily on Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.



Equipped with industry standard professional equipment including camera, lights and sound.

Sony PMW FS7

RED Scarlet Dragon (5K REDCODE RAW 50P)

Sony FS7 (4K 60p, HD 180p)

Blackmagic Pocket Camera 4K (4K RAW 60p)

Zeiss Contax lenses - Sigma Art - Canon L - Tiffen Black Promist

Lilliput Q5 5 inch Monitor + stand + 3 meter SDI Cable

Aputure Amaran H528C LED Panels (CRI 95+)

Fresnel Lights

Crane 3S Gimbal

Sennheiser Radio Mic + Rodelink

Rode NTG -1 Shotgun Mic

Boom Buddy Microphone holder, boom pole & stand

Sachtler ACE L Tripod

Konova K5 80cm Slider

and more...

Post Production

Apple iMac 

Adobe Premiere Pro

After Effects 

Final Cut Pro X




Narrative film and documentary
Spar - Short Film: DOP, Editor
Fading - Short Film: DOP, Editor
INTYILY - Music Video Excerpts: DOP
A Dark Mind - Feature Documentary: DOP
Drop - Short Film: DOP
Documentary: DOP, Editor
Corporate, Branded Content, Product filming, Advertising & Event Video
Camera Operator/Lighting Camera Man Showreel
Branded Content/Advert: DOP, Editor
Corporate Video - Interviews DOP
Event Filming: DOP, Editor
CIPD Event Video: DOP, Editor
Bubbleology - Branded Content/Product Video: DOP, Editor, Producer
Some companies I have filmed for...
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